Valentine’s Day Massacre

Rovers are red

And white, too

But they’re no match for the Primrose and Blue.

It’s not very often that a 30 point drubbing is flattering to the losing team, but from the moment that Chris Sandow popped a second minute 40-20 into touch Wire were head and shoulders above the visitors.

The little magician stamped his name all over what was a very impressive Warrington performance.

So much so, that despite a comfortable 12 point lead at the break, there was a genuine belief amongst some that our players returned for the second half earlier than our visitors because they’d been given a bollocking and told to get out and pull their collective fingers out and get more points on the board.

Or Tony Smith could have said ‘nice one, lads more of the same second half’ and sent them out to keep warm and prevent injury. Sports science and all that. Who knows? Who cares?

Wire took the lead off the back of a penalty forced by the pressure of Sandow’s kick. Good hands saw the ball shifted to Kurt Gidley on the last and his little dab was grounded by Ben Currie. Gidley added, as he did for all of his kicks.

Warrington were camped on the line and somehow contrived to have four tries disallowed – one which appeared to be a ball strip on Joe Westerman in the act of scoring.

To be fair, Ben Thaler had a better view of it, so we should give him the benefit of the doubt he should have given the correct call the bent bastard.

Anyway, as the Warrington pressure continued build and penalties mounted – much to the flappy armed, crimson faced anger of the klondikes from East Yorkshire.

Their ire worsened as former Hull FC player Westerman crashed onto a Gidley short pass to increase the lead to 12-0. It remained that way until half-time.

Whether Warrington being sent out early to warm up was the result of a bollocking or just because it was pissing freezing, it worked.

Sandow’s huge bomb put the shits up Rovers’ left edge; Evans tipped it back to Jack Hughes and he in turn to Tom Lineham who touched down acrobatically in the corner. Chris Sandow couldn’t match Gidley’s efforts with the conversion.

To be fair to The Robins they kept plugging away and tries from Iain Thornley and Kirk Dixon sandwiched Lineham’s second of the afternoon.

This time it was full back Matty Russell that combined with Hughes to put the other former Hull man in again against his former cross-city rivals. Gidley converted to add to an earlier penalty and extend the Wire’s lead.

Lineham completed his hat-trick off the back off a jinking Sandow run – the world’s longest pass allowing the winger to stroll in.

Warrington completed the scoring when Daryl Clark strode through the exhausted visiting defence like Gulliver having an afternoon mooch around Lilliput’s M&S; his offload was juggled by the supporting Ben Currie but he managed to tip it back to Clark who proceeded to walk it in.

It could have whatever we wanted it to be and KR made the long trek back to the City of Culture 2017 at least grateful that it didn’t look as bad as the Leeds score.

With the likes of Ratchford and Dodds to come back in to this team, we should be ok this season.

“We are staying up!”


Much has been said in recent days in tribute to Viola Beach band members Kris Leonard, River Reeves, Jack Dakin, who played much of his junior Rugby League at Crosfields, Tomas Lowe and their manager Craig Tarry – all of it by people who had much more of a connection to the band than us and much, much more eloquently than we ever could.

Five young lads chasing their dream, their lives were cut far too short in the most devastating of manners.

The music and the memories they created will live for eternity, though, and we would like to pass on our most sincere sympathies to the families and friends of five young Warringtonians that passed away in tragic circumstances on Sunday Morning.

God Bless you lads.

“Don’t Look Back In Anger.”



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