Wire Put Centurions to the Sword As They Run In 50 Points.

Get it? Centurion. Sword.

If you didn’t, it’s probably best for everyone if you stopped reading now.

There’s a few schools of thought at play here.

First, there is the question ‘where the fuck has this been all year, Wire?’

Fair, enough.

Second, there is ‘well, it was only Leigh.’

Not as fair, considering they bummed us at their place and recently smashed Wigan all over the park and put in a good show at Catalans.

That said, they are still bottom of the league.

Thirdly, and most importantly, there is the argument that this performance indicates why we should be safe come the middle eights.

We are staying up, we would all be singing, if the south stand wasn’t so busy arguing amongst themselves.

Leigh are bottom of the super league, meaning, on paper at least, they are the worst team in the competition.

They are still better than everyone in the championship using that measurement, except maybe Hull KR, and as such, we shouldn’t suffer too many embarrassing slips up in the middle eights or be in any real danger of relegation or floating around the million pound game on this evidence.

Nobody is too good to down, apart from all those clubs that don’t go down, of course, but if we can’t beat part-time teams and full-time ones with Danny Addy and Jarrod Sammut as their main play makers then the club should just fold, to be honest.

Much pre-match chat amongst the experts and pundits (our mates in the pub) centred on Leigh’s recent televised games against Wigan and Catalans, that indicated to us that they could attack when they wanted to, but couldn’t defend.

Luckily for them, we jested, Wire can neither attack nor defend.

None of us have ever been so happy to be proved wrong.

Leigh were shite, let’s be frank about that.

They displayed the worst attributes of a team struggling at the bottom of the table, but you can only play what it is in front of you, as they say, whoever they are.

Wire, on the other hand, looked – in parts at least – like the team we know they are capable of being.

Tom Lineham crossing for four tries made a welcome change from it being our right-edge that got absolutely violated.

Leigh’s ride edge defence was so weak, they allowed Atkins to open the scoring when Matty Dawson shifted wide despite tucking the ball firmly under his left arm, never even looking to pass.

It was pretty much one way traffic after that, until just before the break, the Leythers pulled themselves back a try to provide everyone with some comic relief.

Ben Reynold’s scoot to the blind side, chip and re-gather to stroll in while Ratchford went egging (do the kids still say that?) was about as thorough example of how not to play rugby league you’re ever likely to see.

Wouldn’t have been as funny if it was a closer game, of course, but it wasn’t, and Ratchford had a blinder at full back, so, as we always say, fuck em.

Ratchford was a constant threat hitting the line as the third pivot and, despite the rain, his combination with Patton and Gidley added some sorely missed fluidity to our attack.

His final passes to Lineham for his second and third try were things of beauty and a perfect example of why he is our best choice at 1.

We even attacked down the right, with Peta Hiku and Ben Pomeroy constantly switching between centre and wing and causing trouble with the ball in hand.

Hiku even slipped Pomeroy in for a try with some decent centre play.

Ashton Sims even got in on the act, crossing for two tries, as our pack thoroughly dominated Leigh’s.

Not even the early sin binning of Westwood saw us crumble as one might expect. If anything, like the time he was binned against Leeds earlier in the season, you wouldn’t have noticed we were a man down in the pack if you were a casual observer.

We ran in three tries after the break before Leigh finally responded again through Dawson for another consolation.

In true ruthless spirit, that has been missing for so much of this year, Wire reacted like a bear that had been poked and ran in two tries in two minutes to take the score to 50.


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