The Middle Eights It Is, Then.

Tony! Sign a centre!

Sign a centre Tony!

Tony a centre!

*Tony signs Pomeroy*

Fucking hell Tony not that centre.

Pomeroy is going okay isn’t he?

We know fuck all don’t we?

There’s a reason we pay to watch rugby league and they’re the one’s getting paid to play it.

Right then, with our place in the middle 8 super qualifier division 2 finals properly we thought it might be worth a bit of a preview of what’s to come.

This year still has the ability to either fizzle out or it might completely implode.

If it does go spectacularly tits up ignore that bit about us knowing fuck all.

It looks like we won’t be going to France again after all. Toulouse have hit a brick wall.

It was always going to be tough for them this year.

Despite having the glamour factor they don’t have the cash that Toronto have and due to that they don’t have the squad.

Don’t get us wrong, they have a few decent players, but it was always going to be a tall order for them to make it back to back promotions. Next Year will be interesting.

We quite fancy a trip to Halifax over a jaunt  to the Pink City anyway.

We have some good memories (well memories, anyway) of both Thrum Hall and The Shay. (Have they finished that stand yet, by the way?)

Lee Briers dropping about 19 goals in a game that we still managed to lose in 2002, the last time we fought relegation and Stavros Georgallis’ (heritage number 1000, fact fans) leg falling off in our first away win of 2001.

Christ, that 2002 season was depressing. For all of our faults this year, the current crop would put 80 on that lot.

The other contenders are pretty much as you’d expect.

You probably would have picked Fev, London and Ull Kingston Rervers at the start of the season.

It’s hard to get excited about Fev at home, as it’s likely to be.

They did make us laugh when they boasted about their “firm” taking the Prince of Wales a few years ago before a cup game.

We tend to like plucky underdogs and usually want teams like Dewsbury and Hunslet to do well, but Featherstone are just really unlikable.

They seem to be the loudest of the “Yorkshire, Yorkshire” chant merchants and the whole flat capper thing stinks of a pride in their surroundings that anyone that has ever been to Post Office Road would struggle to get their head around.

We get the small-town chip on their shoulder, but this lot seem to take it to the next level.

Now London, we do have a soft spot form and it’s great that they appear to have found a proper base after years of mismanagement and nomadic existence.

The sport needs a strong London team, but it needs to be one that is one that can stand on its own two feet rather than piggy back off Football teams or that Quins lot.

The Trailfinders looks perfect for them: a compact ground with decent facilities, transport links aren’t bad, Ealing is well posh without being Twickenham and all that goes with it, and there’s so much more room for activities.

Andrew Henderson is a good young coach and there seems to be some talent down there.

If they can keep northern clubs from poaching them, they have a real chance of a resurgence.

Cracking little away is the Broncos, a small band of real Rugby League people and the best cone man in the world.

We really hope that they do well, but we cant see them doing fuck all this year, like.

In all likelihood, Hull KR will come up.

They’re miles better than Widnes at least and are coming into the middle eights with more confidence and form than Leigh.

It’s a bonus that if things stay the same, that we’ll have them at our place because we always struggled at their gaff when they were wank, they’d stuff us up there when they’re loving life.

They’re already preparing for next year by swooping for Danny McGuire and lets be honest, they shouldn’t have been down there in the first place.

We’ve stated elsewhere on this page our thoughts on promotion and relegation so we won’t go into it again. But, have Leigh improved the competition more than HKR?

And if it ends up being those two teams just swapping places again this year, what has it all achieved?


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