Wire 22 Hull Sharks 22

We had loads more to write about if we got beat.

We had 800 words about Tony Smith, fans’ dick measuring contests on a certain Facebook site; there were long, meandering rants that included comparisons to Cults of Personality and all sorts.

It was really good.

But in the most Warrington thing ever, we snatched a draw when the whole world and his dog expected us to lose, so now all that will have to be put on the back burner until we next lose six on the bounce.

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Expansion, Expansion, Expansion

The Mission Statement (fuck riiiiiiight off) used to say ‘Predominantly Warrington Blog’. We never did anything that wasn’t Warrington based so we dropped the ‘predominantly’. So now we think it’s about time that we wrote about something else, mainly so we can change it back.

Most of us can barely agree with the bloke stood next to us on where we think Wire are going wrong, so the state of the game should promote a real conversation.

It’ll make a change from the endless “Matty Russell: Is he wank or is he the second coming of Jesus Christ?” debate that currently rages around our section of the South Stand which will be lovely.

We’ve been musing about the future and where Rugby League should be heading.

Feel free to disagree, pick holes and call us thick cunts. It’ll be just like being at home.

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